Mary Souli Success without borders! Cultural Ambassador of Mongolia exclusively in Espresso

mme_esspreso_newsWhen Mary Souli, Director of the travel agency TOURS CEL decided to publicize the Mongolia the general public knew very well that this was an ambitious vision but had many difficulties.
Our years of experience, the love of the job and the belief in its primary aim was the basics of weapons.
The insight that he had triumphantly confirmed.
Mary Souli failed only to turn Mongolia into a magnet son many Greeks. After a strenuous effort managed still to create a bridge between Greece and Mongolia with great results.
The title awarded by the Mongolian Government as theAmbassador of cultural communicationwas a big thanks for this effort. And it seems like it is just the beginning. Mary Souli has other ACEs well hidden in the sleeve to be discussed much in the near future.
-The truth is that our knowledge of the Mongolia is extremely limited. Until now we didn’t have any information on what this faraway country. What made you to deal specifically with the Mongolia?
-Indeed you are right. We don’t know and a lot of things for this country. I’ll tell you something that might seem strange.
The Mongolia is so far away, yet so close to the Greek reality is undoubtedly a challenging target. The Mongolia is a beautiful country with unique natural beauties and extremely nice people. The Mongols are an ancient people with a rich history, ისევე, როგორც ბერძნული და დამიჯერეთ, შეიძლება ვიცით მხოლოდ Jenkins ხანის ბარბაროსულ Warrior, მაგრამ მონღოლები არ მიადგა დიდად დროს მისი ისტორია და ის არის გასაკვირი, რომ არ შეძლო. იქნებ იმიტომ, რომ მათ აქვთ ‘ სული ‘ ისევე, როგორც ბერძნები. მათი ინტერესები არ განსხვავდება ბევრი ჩვენი საკუთარი და ჩვენი მენტალიტეტი აქვს ბევრი გონიერი მიუხედავად იმისა, რომ გვაშორებს ათასობით კილომეტრის
-როგორ მოახერხეთ ელჩმა კულტურული ურთიერთობა?
-მე დაინიშნა საქართველოს კულტურულ მოთამაშეებს მონღოლეთის და ეს არის სათაური, რომ მე მომაწერეს აღიარება ჩემი ძალისხმევა, რათა ერთად ორ ხალხს. ეს არის ის, რომ დამაკავშირებელი მონღოლეთი საბერძნეთი და ჩემი მიზანია შეხვდება ორ ქვეყანას შორის, რაც შეიძლება. ეს იყო ნამდვილად ჩემთვის დიდი პატივია.
-როგორ რთული იქნება თქვენთვის ასეთი პროექტი?
-მართლაც რთული, მაგრამ არა შეუძლებელი, მე შევეცდები yperkerasw დაბრკოლება გარბენი, ორგანიზება ჯგუფების გაცვლა სპორტსმენების, artists and journalists as well as organising cultural events EC which will bring together the two countries. The first step is to send Greek athletes wrestling fed that will strive to Mercier level with Mongolian athletes, while the next effort is to become Mongol Exchange and Greek artists, will seem strange perhaps, but some singers are already known in Mongolia and their songs can be heard there. which is yet another proof that can both Nations to refrain the mileage but have enough common elements andtastes”!
-Why do you think that you need someone to travel up there?
Because Mongolia is a unique destination and so different than we can put our minds. Today’s Mongolia attracts the Greek traveler as you will have the opportunity to experience the experience of nomadic life in the yurts, which are exciting, authentic and unique. Especially now for the holidays the Mongolia is a unique destination and especially graphic. And a still good idea for those who love the intense and exciting experiences is to make celebrations in China and be thrown from there to Mongolia for a few days and experience this unique experience.
-If you ask me to tell an equally good proposal for travel in anticipation of the holidays, but in the Western hemisphere this time, what would you suggest me?
-will do again surprise and we’ll suggest Brazil because it’s also a different destination. Just think, that on the evening of new year two million people dressed in white descended on Copa Cabana Beach to celebrate the new year. Exactly at noon starting the Fireworks filled the sky with the wildest colors and along the coast, four kilometres in length, performed an incredible party continues until morning.
-After such a successful professional career in the Greek market what are your goals now?
-After Greece, Thailand and Cuba, our priority is to invest vigorously in other Asian markets where one things run with other rhythms and growth will be rapid. I believe that with careful steps we will achieve our goals very quickly.
-Europe interests you?
-რა თქმა უნდა! Watching with keen interest the development of tourism in Central Europe and I think it is now time to get dynamically and in these markets, to give a chance to those folks get to know their destinations that already offer the Greek market with so much success. Our experience and the world trusts us so many years for his travels is the self-evident proof that will succeed and there!

30 წლის განმავლობაში ჩვენ ახლა გთავაზობთ ვიზიტებს უნიკალური მიმართულებით , დღესასწაული , დასვენების და ქორწილი ეგზოტიკური ვიზიტებს , ინდივიდუალურად და კოლექტიურად იაფი განაკვეთების!