Soule MAIR Οι εκδρομές (Άρθρο στο περιοδικό “ΕΥ” υλικό πολιτισμό Περιοδικό)

mme_periodiko_yliko_politisnou_2Who dare προς την seventy χρόνια προς την make holidays in the far East? Seemed like magic, distant Earth tale. ASE that all horrified με ο vaccines, ο distant, exotic animals πτήσεις.

1986 Mary Souli Cel εκδρομές starts και ο far East made δύο paces και came near us.
Σήμερα, ο exotic destinations of AsiaΠουκέτ, Ko Samui, Lombok, Tsiagk Mai, Bintan filled από Ελληνικά ntopiolalies.
ο key to success of Mary Souli was σε clever combinations of προορισμοί accessible για την the pocket of a Greek tourist. Για την the first time ο plans for the far East were oktaimera και dekaimera και not eikosaimera, με three προορισμοί per trip. Established direct cooperation με ο Ξενοδοχεία without intermediaries. Created strong relationships με tour operators in the province.
The customer has ο possibility προς την choose between three categories of hotels για την the same destination. Ελληνικά officialsCel εκδρομέςsettled permanently in Ασία, while forty officials in Athens frequently visit ο former exotic destinations, so you know exactly what you are selling.
Result: Greeks who don’t ever flew from Thessaloniki και Ηράκλειο προς την Αθήνα, have anebokatebei Πολλά times επί flights to Ταϊλάνδη, Bali. Σιγκαπούρη. Μαλαισία, Κίνα, Ινδία. We managed the Greeks προς την travel around the world without fearsays proud Mary Souli. She always has direct knowledge of programs that it sells.
Latin American προορισμοί, ο new proposal Cel εκδρομές prepared personally for more than four χρόνια. It tookopinions of customers, infinite personal journeys προς την Μεξικό, Κούβα, Γουατεμάλα, Βραζιλία, Αργεντίνη, Περού, Βολιβία, rummage in books και special forms Και not only. As she says,everyday people on the streets, in restaurants, taxis, give better information about their place.
Σε Ξενοδοχεία, not limited to those of say agents and hoteliers. Catching chatting με ο chef, the cleaners, ο receptionist. Usually do holidays, when prwtoepiskeptetai the countries intending to include προορισμοί Cel εκδρομές.
Her friends, on the other hand, always wait anxiously for new flavors that will cook, returning από long trips. Moreover, ο family is common σε tailandeziki kitchen for years. If ο remaining free time, I read travel journals ή will play boleϊmpol με ο fifteen-year old son. You must also learn how to achieve his goals.

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