Termeni de utilizare

La www.greecel.gr ( “website”) is a travel portal, ownership and management CEL TOURS SA ( “Cel Tours ”), a limited company operated under the Greek law at Solonos 45 Atena 10672

Through the website, the Cel Tours offers visitors ( “You ”) information about destinations, prices, availability and book airline tickets, hoteluri, zboruri, ferry tickets, rental cars and other travel services worldwide ( “Services”). The Services are suppliers ( “Suppliers”).

The conditions of use ( “Terms of Use”) set the terms and conditions under which the Cel Tours will provide you services through the website. In addition to the terms of use and depending on the services you choose, you may need to read and accept the relevant terms of service ( “Terms and Conditions”), whose renewal / modification of the Cel Tours can be done at regular intervals. The conditions for participation can be part of the conditions of use and in case of rupture between the terms of use and conditions of participation, terms of use prevail.

The use of this website is provided to you under the condition of full and anepifylachtis acceptance of terms of use and conditions of admission posted on the website. Pentru a evita neînțelegerile ulterioare a clarificat faptul că vizita a site-ului sunteți de acord și recunoașteți pe deplin și necondiționat termenii și condițiile de participare. Dacă, din orice motiv, nu sunteți de acord cu termenii unei obligații, atunci nu ar trebui să vizitați site-ul.

De asemenea, furnizorii pot include condiții, instrucțiuni și politicile aplicabile fiecărui serviciu (de exemplu, bilet de avion, rezervări hoteliere, pachete etc.). Cunoașterea și respectarea acestor cerințe, instrucțiuni și politici furnizorul pe care le selectați, este esential. If rupture between use and membership conditions with the conditions and the manufacturer’s instructions, the latter shall prevail.

The Cel Tours has the right to reject any application through the website without having to cite reasons. No service is not provided unless fully paid.

Modification of Terms of Use

To Cel Tours has the right to modify the terms and conditions for participation. Guests are invited to visit the website regularly to keep informed of any changes.

Restrictions on use

strictly prohibited the sale and exploitation for commercial purposes any part of the website any service provided through this. To avoid misunderstandings, clearly specified that the site is provided purely for personal use and not for commercial use.

strictly forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, presentation, reproduce, publish, transfer, sale or lease of any information, software, products or services deriving from the website. Partial reproduction and copying contents of the website is allowed provided that the name Cel Tours cited as the source.

Disclaimer Guarantee / Limitation of Liability

H Cel Tours strives to ensure that all information on the website is correct, but does not warrant or represent the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data type information contained in the website. H Cel Tours gives no direct or indirect guarantee concerning the website and its contents and disclaims warranties for the ability and marketability of its services, including any claim for damages directly or indirectly from use of information through the website.

Once the Cel Tours acts as an intermediary, assumes no responsibility for any part of the agreements between the supplier and the visitor for the level of service provided by the supplier. Under no circumstance Cel Tours will not be held responsible for the services provided by the supplier.

Although Cel Tours make efforts to ensure that the description and the content in terms of use, the terms of participation and in each section of the site is correct, is not responsible for changes made due to human error or for direct or indirect damage suffered by the visitor the wrong information. Also Cel Tours are Internet provider and can not control the block changes to the published descriptions are based on information powered by suppliers.

The Cel Tours does not guarantee any advertiser on the site in any manner. Guests are requested to check the accuracy of the information published by advertisers.

By offering travel services to various destinations, the Cel Tours does not represent or warrant that travel to those destinations not involve risk and will not be held responsible for any damages the devastation caused by travel to such destinations.

Under no circumstance Cel Tours is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damage resulted from: (A) the use or inability of use of services (b) the cost of supply substitute goods and services ( c) unauthorized conversion access transmissions or visitor data (d) any other issue has to do with symperalamvanomenou services, without exception, damage and data losses and gains arising out of or relating to the use or performance of the website.

H Cel Tours not responsible for the delay or inability to use the website or related services, or failure to provide services, information, software, products and correlated graphics through the website or by the use of the website, whether based on contract, tort , negligence, strict liability or otherwise. De asemenea, nu va LEC Tours fi tras la răspundere pentru indisponibilitatea site-ul pe perioade regulate de întreținere sau suspendarea neplanificate de acces care pot apărea din motive tehnice sau din orice motiv că Tours Cel care nu poate controla. Oaspeții dau seama și sunt de acord ca orice material sau date descărcate sau obținute prin intermediul site-ului, sunt singurii responsabili și să își asume în totalitate riscul pentru orice deteriorare a computerului lor din încărcările pierderi de date.

aceste restricții, declinări și garanții sunt valabile pentru orice pierderi rezultate din (A) întrerupere de contract, (b) încălcare a garanției, (c) neglijență sau (d) orice alte cauze în măsura în care astfel de restricții sunt neconstituționale.

acoperire maximă pe partea LEC Tours cu privire la serviciile oferite prin intermediul site-ul este limitat la rambursarea sumei totală plătibilă de către oaspete în afara oricărui anulare și alte cheltuieli conexe apar. În nici un caz acoperirea nu include pierderile indirecte, daune sau costuri suportate.

Links to Websites “third

Site-ul poate contine link-uri (Link-uri) to “third parties” site-uri web. These websites are not under the control or Cel Tours website and Cel Tours is not responsible for their content, their respective links and the changes the changes that at times in the content. H Cel Tours is not responsible for any data transmitted to you by the website “third parties”. The Cel Tours provides these links for the convenience of hotel guests and providing the link does not in any way mean the representation of the website “third partiesby Cel Tours or the site. De asemenea, in any case, does not mean that the Cel Tours has legal or other ties with the managers of the site owners “third parties”.

H Cel Tours is not responsible for any errors, omissions, distortions in the “thirdwebsite. H Cel Tours does not endorse any advertiser websites on “thirdin any way.

Prohibition of any illegal use

A prerequisite for the use of the site is that the caller guarantees that it will not use the Website in a manner that is illegal and unconstitutional under Greek law and the terms of participation and use. De asemenea, the site should not be used in a way that harms, disable, overburden, weakening insert the enjoyment of other users of the website. Visitors should avoid acquiring data in ways not available from the website.

Use of communication services

The website may contain services like “email”, "conversație", "servicii de bord buletin", information related to various tourist destinations, "forumuri", "grupuri de știri", "comunități", "personale" pagini de Internet, “calendarswhich are called communication services. The visitor agrees to use such services only to post, send and receive messages and material that are proper and related communication services. The visitor agrees to use the communication services that are not:

(A) defame, abusing, harassing, bullying and generally violate the legal rights of others

(B) publish, display, upload, distribute, disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, unlawful topic, name, material information.

(C) loading software or any other material protected by intellectual property laws unless he owns or controls the rights or have received all necessary consents.

(D) the load distributing viruses, dangerous files or any similar software the program then you can harm the site, the computers of other visitors

(E) advertises the offers to sell or purchase goods or services for commercial purposes unless Cel Tours has authorized in writing to do so.

(F) conduct surveys, contests, pyramid sales

(G) upload files that have been uploaded by other users and for which the good is or would normally be aware that they can not be distributed in any way.

(H) falsifying the authors delete returns, legal or any other notes, proprietary designations, labels of the origin or any other material is loaded on the site.

(I) violate any code of conduct or other guidelines, which apply to communication services

(I) violates the current Greek legal framework

(K) violates the terms of participation, terms of use or any other regulation that applies to this website.

H Cel Tours has no obligation to monitor the Communication Services. cu toate acestea, Cel Tours has the right to revise material that has been posted and removes it if appropriate. The Cel Tours reserves the right to stop access to the visitor in some or all of the Communication Services at any time without notice.

The Cel Tours has the right to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy or comply with any applicable law, legal process or governmental request, or to modify, refuse or remove any information or materials if necessary.

The Cel Tours does not control or endorse the content, messages or information found in communications services and therefore the Cel Tours specifically denying any responsibility for the communication or have any effect or visitor participation in them.

The material can be loaded on communications services may be subject to restrictions on use, reproduction or distribution. Guests are required to be informed of these restrictions.

Terminate access to the website

The Cel Tours reserves the right, whenever necessary, to terminate access to the website and related services without notice.

Payment Billing

The Cel Tours reserves the right to charge the costs of publication for some publications, as well as transaction fees for specific transactions have been completed. H Cel Tours reserves the right to change the billing rates without notice.

The visitor is obliged to pay all applicable charges, taxele, expenses, taxe, tariffs on services Cel Tours

Liabilities and guest accounts

About the use of the website, the visitor represents and confirms that over 18 years and there has been refused access to the website of the Greek law or other applicable legislation

To access a website visitor service must maintain at its own expense:

(A) all necessary equipment including computer and modem

(B) access to the Internet. Visitors have the responsibility of using the internet and whatever costs may be covered only by him.

The visitor understands that the services may include information from Cel Tours as announcements and messages on the address. The visitor understands and agrees that communications are “as isand no liability Cel Tours has deletion, non-delivery or failure to store the message or personal modifications of the visitor.

Registration on site is optional. If a visitor choose to register on the website, at the end of registration, you will receive a user ID and access. The visitor agrees and shall at all times be responsible for the confidentiality of user passwords and access and will be fully responsible for any activity or transaction carried out with the use of these codes. De asemenea, the visitor undertakes not to use codes other visitors for any reason even if they have consent from the other guests.

You are responsible for the security codes for all transactions made using these codes. Confirm that you are the authorized owner of the credit card or bank account that you use for services payments from the website. The Cel Tours is not responsible for any financial loss, inconvenience pain and suffering that result from improper use of the codes use / access code / credit card / bank account details used for the Cel Tours services.

O visitor agrees to immediately inform the Cel Tours for any unauthorized use of user and password and confirm that after the expiry of the website user has left the system (Ieşi din cont). H Cel Tours will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused to the visitor from failure to comply with the above requirements.

The visitor is required to (A) provide true, accurate and complete information about themselves and their beneficiaries as referred to in the registration form (b) update and maintain the registration information true, accurate and complete. If the visitor give false, inaccurate and incomplete data or Cel Tours has reasonable suspicion that the data is false, inaccurate or incomplete then Cel Tours reserves the right to suspend or terminate the registration of the visitor and to prohibit any access the website, present or future.

Also here the visitor authorizes the Cel Tours to disclose to third parties the registration information to complete it services has himself chosen.


The Cel Tours reserves the right to restrict the access of visitors, terminate its publications, to warn other visitors to the effect of, suspend or immediately terminate the written, to prohibit access to the site if and when:

(A) the visitor has violated the terms of use and participation

(B) the Cel Tours unable to check or validate any information provided by the visitor

(C) the Cel Tours considers the user’s actions may violate the rights of other visitors or any applicable legal provision.

The Cel Tours may at any time remove the restrictions if he finds appropriate. Once the Cel Tours has limited the stay to a visitor activity, he can not attempt to rewrite the site until Cel Tours lift these restrictions. If the visitor violates the above, Cel Tours entitled to recover balances and amounts outstanding from the side and to bring further legal proceedings if she considers appropriate.


The Cel Tours can provide the visitor with content such as sound, photographs, graphics, video and other material that may be contained in sponsor advertisements. This material may be protected by copyright laws, trademark and copyright Visitors can use this material only with official authorization from Cel Tours and must not copy, transmit or create derivative material without the written authorization and consent the Cel Tours.

O visitor acknowledges and agrees that it can not load, display, reproduce or distribute any content to the website than that protected by intellectual property laws and without the written consent of the owner. Depunerea neautorizată sau distribuirea de materiale care sunt protejate de legile de proprietate intelectuală este ilegală și supusă urmăririi penale.


toate beneficiile, notițe, drepturile și obligațiile prevăzute în termenii de utilizare și de participare indică o relație între vizitator și Tours cel și în nici un fel înseamnă că nici nu o leagă parte sau acționează ca agent al celuilalt. Este demn de remarcat faptul că, desigur, în cazul în care sunetul de autorizare cel Tururi și agenții pentru a obține informațiile solicitate, then the visitor undertakes that has appointed Cel Tours and agents as agent for this purpose.


The titles and subtitles are included for convenience and identification only and are not intended to describe, translate, define the limit the scope, extent or intent of the terms of use and participation and the right use of the site by the visitor.

Interpretation of numbers and genera

The terms of use and participation apply equally and for the singular to the plural degree.


The visitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold imperishable the Cel Tours from losses, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and interest) against Cel Tours and resulting from a breach or non-performance of any representation, warranty, contract, Agreement or visitor’s obligation according to the terms of use and participation.


If any part of the terms of use or participation is invalid in whole or in part, whether or not power has to do with the particular section and only the remaining part of the terms will be in full effect.

Termination of agreement and service

Whether Cel Tours or the visitor may terminate the terms of use and participation and a service without cause at any time.

The visitor agrees that Cel Tours may under certain circumstances and without notice, terminate the use of passwords and access. Causes may be a violation of the use and conditions of participation of the visitor, governmental request, request from the same visitor, outstanding fees from visitors to use services.

The operating conditions may be terminated either by the visitor or the Cel Tours through written note to the other side. If the visitor is contrary to some of the terms and conditions set out in the terms of use and participation, or are not happy with the services in any way, it may (A) stop the use of the site / service (b) inform the Cel Tours to end.

Upon termination of the services, the visitor does not have permission to use the website and its services. The Cel Tours is not bound to perform any of the obligations of unfinished visitor and will delete all the data that was saved by a visitor to the website.


All notes and updates (including those relating to the terms of use and participation, services, end services) must be in writing in Greek and will be deemed to have been received if delivered personally sent by mail registered mail or by courier or by email ( e-mail) sau prin fax la următoarea adresă

(A) în cazul în care beneficiarul este Tours apoi în cel enquiries@cel.gr de e-mail sau adresa listate pe site-ul web

(B) în cazul în care beneficiarul este o persoană care a făcut sau nu este înregistrat, apoi e-mail indicată în formularul de înregistrare a LEC Tours.

Aplicabilă Legea-Competența

Contractul dintre oaspete și Tours cel de drept elen. Competent în orice litigiu care poate apărea din prezentul contract sunt instanțele din Atena.