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The birthplace of Alexander the Great, Pella spans the Thessaloniki–Edessa road, and features spectacular mosaics. Pella became Macedon’s capital under King Archelaos (who ruled from 413 BC to 399 BC), though the old capital of Aigai (Vergina) remained the royal cemetery.Created with naturally coloured, subtly contrasting stones, the mosaics depict mythological scenes. They were created for ancient houses and public buildings now destroyed. Some are in situ, others in the museum. Also on this (northern) side of the road are six reerected columns and a courtyard laid out with a black-and-white geometric mosaic.
On the southern side is the museum (admission free with Pella ticket; h8am-7.30pm). Room One has a wall reconstruction from an ancient house, and a circular table inlaid with intricate floral and abstract designs, which possibly belonged to Philip II. Room Two houses more

30 χρόνια τώρα σας προσφέρουμε ταξίδια σε μοναδικούς προορισμούς , για διακοπές , χαλάρωση και γαμήλια εξωτικά ταξίδια , ατομικά και ομαδικά στις οικονομικότερες τιμές!

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