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Who we are
CEL TOURS is considered one of the most well-established tour operators in Greece. It was founded in 1982 by a team of professionals from the accounting and shipping industry. Their mission was to create a travel service provider offering products between Greece and Asia that can satisfy even the most demanding customers in the local as well as international market. The deep knowledge of the Asian destinations together with high standard services offered at competitive prices have proven to be keys to success for CEL TOURS which soon took the lead in the outbound market of Greek travelers to Asia. Our long list of “Top Performer” Awards received by governmental bodies, airlines and hotel chains across Asia testify to our commitment to excellent performance and the overseas recognition of our work.

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These achievements drove us to continue making headway and conquering new destinations. In 1986 CEL TOURS expanded its activities in Asia by opening two affiliated companies: CEL TOURS THAILAND in Phuket and MARWIN TOURS THAILAND in Bangkok. The year 2001 marked a milestone for our organization as it was chosen to handle the first groups of Thai and Indian tourist visitors to Greece. Today, with more than 30 years of experience in Asia, CEL TOURS is the Greek tour operator who best understands the needs and demands of Asian travelers, offering with great success tailored made travel services to its guests from portfolio-3-5portfolio-3-4Asia in Greece. Honeymooners, MICE groups, adventure travelers or pilgrims: our highly diversified product range can meet the needs and interests
of all different types of travelers. Well known as a pioneer in opening new destinations, the past five years our company has been continuously introducing the Best of Greece to its Asian guests, including yet undiscovered regions of uni
que beauty, culture and historical importance.

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Our Mission
Efficiency, flexibility, quality service with a personal touch and state-of-the-art technology combined with strong purchasing advantages and value for money: these are the key words that describe our mission. Our pursuit is to offer competitive and value-for-money products along with high level services in order to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients. Our strong commitment to meet and exceed all business clients goals and objectives makes us strive for excellence in quality, integrity and value in everything we do and at all times. We want our partners and ourselves to grow profitably in our respective field using market analysis, continuous product development, aggressive yield management and prudent financial risk monitoring.

The high standard of services that CEL TOURS offers to its demanding clients has earned it an enviable reputation both at home and abroad as proven by the following prestigious awards:

1) Thailand Tourism Authority Awards 1999 – 2001
2) China Women Travel Services Top Operator Awards 1999 – 2006
3) Top Ten Tour Operators Award 1996 – 2008 by Thai International Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, Kuwait Airlines, Gulf Air & Royal Jordanian Airlines.
4) Certificate of Recognition by the ACCOR Group of Hotels 2005 – 2010

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In addition to the awards given to CEL TOURS as a wholesaler, many individual awards have also been handed to its Managing Director Mary Souli Kafkios for her valuable contribution to the cross-border tourism and cultural relations between Greece and Asia. Ms. Souli Kafkios has been named twice Tourism Ambassador by both Tourism Organizations of China and India and earned the title of Business Woman of the year 2002 by the prestigious Greek magazine Epsilon.

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Core Business Area
Incoming Tourism
– Tour Operators Representation
– B2B Online Travel Manager (OTM)
– Incentives & Conferences (MICE )
– Special Interest Groups & Special operations
– Event organizer Inland Activities
– Transfers

Outgoing Tourism
– Ticketing
– Holiday Packages

Local Tours & Activities
– Excursions and guided tours
– Hotel reservations
– Transfer services
– Specialized VIP tours
– VIP yacht & Limo chartering
– Car rentals
– Boat trips
– Water sports & beach games
– Spa & Wellness programs
– Team building activities
– Other Activities (carting, horse riding, donkey riding, quatrobike..

Destination Management Events
– Conference hall and meeting venues
– Technical audio-video systems
– Hostesses, guides and tour escorts
– Simultaneous translations
– Musical and dance performances
– Catering (including vegetarian, halal, etc ) and Gala dinners
– Booth setups
– Graphic services, photography and video productions
– Indoor and outdoor set designing
– And all other miscellaneous services that you need for your event

Some of our portfolio customers

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We provide full support to charter operators, internet based tour operators as well as to leisuregroups, FIT travelers and MICE Group specialists on the following domains:


CEL TOURS features one of the largest “Bed Banks” in Greece contracting thousands of rooms in all destinations of our network and offering a broad selection of accommodation in all categories(from low-budget-self-catering units to exclusive De Luxe hotels, as well as villas and other special types of accommodation) at most competitive conditions.

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Contracting / Product
Our profound experience and know-how in this field allows us to provide tailor-made solutions that cover all kinds of operation (charters, chains, FIT packages, special interest groups, conferences, island hoppin etc.). Our high traffic and volume of clients gives us a solid bargaining and negotiation power so that we can always achieve the best deals and rates possible in accommodation and travel services (even lower than the ones offered by the international groups).

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Our Reservation Department consists of a high-skilled team that has deep knowledge of the product it offers, striving to meet the specific and personal needs of every customer. The latest version of our reservation software system, ABS (Automatic Booking System), can “handshake” with any reservation software our partners are using. All year round individual bookings can be made online through our B2B system.

Transfers for all passengers
Our company is one of the best known and strongest providers of transfers in Greece, having its own counters at the arrival terminals of most major airports and offering stable shuttle bus transfers from the airports to the main tourist destinations of each region. Our fleet, which is used for all transportation services, from airport transfers to group excursions and private tours, consists of luxury owned and leased buses as well as mini-buses and limos driven by experienced drivers. All vehicles are in compliance with the latest EU quality and safety standards, coming equipped with the most modern audio-visual facilities, including wireless broadband internet, and carrying an unlimited insurance coverage for all our passengers.


Car rental
In cooperation with the most reliable local and international car rental organizations, we offer overly competitive rates for car rental (including pre-bookings and reservations on the spot).


Groups & Incentives
CEL TOURS has an independent department that is specialized in the organization of leisure and MICE groups. Its team consists of highly qualified, deeply experienced professionals who have an extensive knowledge of all tourism aspects and an in-depth understanding of the destination of Greece, its various facilities and available services. They are trained to cater to any requirement with the most flexibility and to design customized packages regardless of the size of the group (ranging from small special interest to large congress groups) in order to meet any group specification and budget range. We emphasize on innovation, cost-efficiency and excellence in designing, planning and implementing outstanding group travel experiences, corporate meetings, incentives and special events. Throughout the years we have built up a solid network of reliable local suppliers and associates – hotels, all types of restaurants and dining venues, activity providers, licensed guides etc. – all over the Greek mainland and the islands, with whom we keep strong strategic partnerships.

Our client base includes top companies in the sectors of pharmaceutics, banking, telecommunications, insurance as well as incentive, convention and leisure travel. In the field of leisure groups we co-operate successfully with well-established tour operators, providing them with exclusive tailor-made designed programs all over Greece. Our creativity and consistent professionalism, the high standard of our services, our attention to detail and the final touch that makes each of our programs a unique experience for the participants are our guarantee for success.

CEL TOURS offers a great variety of itineraries that are available in all major languages and appeal to all interests, ranging from history, culinary and culture to shopping, recreational and adventurous activities. All of our excursions, boat trips and daily cruises are accompanied and guided by high-skilled and experienced guides. Our aim is to cover every aspect of interest in each region of Greece. Apart from the “classical” tours that focus on the rich history and natural beauty of the country, CEL TOURS offers its clients the opportunity to actively discover and experience the cultural tradition and heritage of Greek people. Interactive excursions allow our clients to participate in local cooking, wine and olive-oil producing and tasting, pottery manufacturing, bread baking, folklore dancing, donkey rides and much more.

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CEL TOURS provides a wide range of cruise programs and shore excursions at competitive rates at all call ports of Greece, for both groups and individual travelers. In co-operation with the largest and most reliable cruise lines, it also offers fascinating cruises between the mainland of Greece, its magnificent islands and Turkey. Our vast experience in this area allows us to put together top quality itineraries designed to achieve the best-value-for-money available.

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Excellent Conference Facilities
CEL TOURS provides spacious state-of-art meeting rooms equipped with all technical mean necessary for even the most demanding conferences (video projectors, slides and overhead projectors, projection screens, speakers podium with microphone, table and floor microphones, laser pointers etc.).

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Cel Tours Events
CEL TOURS delivers a full programme of simply amazing entertainment events and shows creating unique and unforgettable experiences.

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Santorini Wedding
CEL TOURS can plan your Santorini wedding to perfection and organize the ceremony of your dreams. It offers a great choice of wedding packages, including wedding photography and venues.

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Technology – XML – B2B Booking system

Investing in technology is one of our top priorities as we continually strive to stay updated with the constant development of online booking systems and all the latest technological advances in the market. The reservation software we use is therefore always updated with the latest technology advancements and can “handshake” with any other reservation system. We have already developed our own B2B system offering all our products online with real-time availability, so that our partners can purchase them in an easy and pleasant as well as efficient and cost-effective way.

Our affiliated web booking system supports both White label & Back Office solutions, while the XML connectivity services we use link our product’s real-time availability to the distribution channels (websites, reservation systems, dynamic packaging machines etc.) of our partners. All the information on our website is analytic (based on OTA standards) and linked to Google maps.

Technology and online connectivity of all companies’ operations and departments is of vital importance for the company’s expansion and the creation of the extended network of its ranch offices.


Customer Testimonials
Dear Ilias/Sofi/Mary,
Thank you so so much for being such wonderful hosts. I never imagined a tour operator would do so much to make their customers happy. Everyone on the team has been very warm, very personal, and very helpful. This trip we will never forget. And the most we will remember is the help you all provided. Lots of love and regards,
Nisha, Ayush

Your day sounds almtost exactly like the tour that Randy and I did of the Pelopponese, right down to lunch. I actually thought the lunch was really good the wine was great (first time I had ever had sweet, chilled red wine), and our dessert was the best oranges I’d ever had.
We actually stole the leftover oranges to eat on the plane on the way home. I loved basically everything we did in Greece and Turkey, but my favorite day by far was the day we spent on the island of Rhodes. Our (many) photos from our trip are here: if you want to look. I’m glad you had such a fantastic trip!

I’m hearing group is having a great time Thanks to your amazing services
Tech Mahindra

Dear Maria,
We had very good experience with you, all passenger and Kulin is happy with your services.
In our future group we will defiantly working with you. Once again thank.
Rajesh Jodhani

Hi, Thanks once again for all the arrangements that were brilliantly executed.
It was a great trip for all of us very well put together by the Indian & Greek team. Its a lovely country with the most friendly & helpful people & we enjoyed every bit of it.
Neeru khare
Aitken Travel Services

Hello Mary,
First of all. id like to thank you(primarily),Elena,Dimitris & Illyas for making our tour enjoyable.We really had a good time and would communicate the same to many people.You can identify us from the photographs above I am a regular reviewer on trip advisor and you wanted the references which I have pasted below.You need to press CRTL+click Im very sure many well to do Indians would like to visit Greece but tour operators avoid(preferring UK/Italy/Germany/France(very good embassy procedure) due to the slow procedure.I know you said that they cannot hire additional staff for 2 ½ months but they know the period April-June, which is regular .Others hire temporary staff to cope.This is like your July-August holidays in Greece
My son saw that you have got an award from the Kashmir Govt and China also. Many congratulations !
Hope to be back sometime to see Crete & Delhi
All the best

Padmanabhan Nair

30 χρόνια τώρα σας προσφέρουμε ταξίδια σε μοναδικούς προορισμούς , για διακοπές , χαλάρωση και γαμήλια εξωτικά ταξίδια , ατομικά και ομαδικά στις οικονομικότερες τιμές!