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Temple of Poseidon
The ancient Greeks knew how to choose a site for a temple. Nowhere is this more evident than at Cape Sounion, 70km south of Athens, where the Temple of Poseidon stands on a craggy spur that plunges 65m down into the sea. Built in 444 BC at the same time as the Parthenon, it is constructed of local marble from Agrilesa and its slender columns – of which 16 remain – are Doric. It is thought that the temple was built by Ictinus, the architect of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens’ Ancient Agora. The temple looks gleaming white when viewed from the sea and is discernible from a long distance. It gave great comfort to sailors in ancient times; they knew they were nearly home when they saw it. The views from the temple are equally impressive. On a clear day, you can see Kea, Kythnos and Serifos to the southeast, and Aegina and the Peloponnese to the west. The site also contains scanty remains
of a propylon, a fortified tower, and, to the northeast, a 6th-century temple to Athena.
Try to visit early in the morning before the tourist buses arrive – or head there for the sunset – if you wish to indulge the sentiments
of Byron’s lines from Don Juan: ‘Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep, Where nothing save the waves and I, May hear our mutual murmurs sweep…’. Byron was so taken by Sounion that he carved his name on one of the columns – sadly many others have followed suit.
There are a couple of tavernas just below the site if you want to combine a visit with lunch and a swim.

30 χρόνια τώρα σας προσφέρουμε ταξίδια σε μοναδικούς προορισμούς , για διακοπές , χαλάρωση και γαμήλια εξωτικά ταξίδια , ατομικά και ομαδικά στις οικονομικότερες τιμές!

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